We provide custom servers for your video projects based on many years of experience in this field. Together with our partners will can also offer (managed) software solutions.


For many VOD companies we provide the custom infrastructure to power their service. This ranges from servers with up to 96 HDDs for large storage requirements to servers with 72 SSDs and 100G uplinks for maximum throughput. Every service demands a different solution.

Together with one of our partners we can also provide a fully managed solution built for developers. A fully API based video platform that handles everything from encoding to delivery.


Our network is built for live streaming. Our automatic rerouting software detects any possible problems on route to your end client and reroutes the traffic immediately. This is a critical feature in case of a live event.

Next to being able to deliver the high bandwidth servers required for livestreaming, we also have partners who can help you manage a livestreaming cluster with their software. They enable you to easily deliver a stream to thousands of concurrent viewers.


For fast encoding we can offer GPU servers with any type of graphics cards required. A fully managed solution is also possible as we are currently building an encoding cloud with one of our partners. Another option is to use the video platform for developers mentioned in the VOD section of this page.